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DRYAD Software


DRYAD v1.3.1 (released in  21 Feb. 2024)

- A new function for outlier removal has been introduced. The region-growing threshold function now updates the "search value" to the "target value" if the area identified by the region-growing algorithm falls below the specified threshold. This function has the capability to reclassify pixels initially labeled as "forest" to another vegetation type if they do not meet the required area criteria.

DRYAD v1.2.2 (released in  8 Nov. 2023)

- Bug fixed at SPEI tool. There was an error at python library which is used for calculating latitude of each pixel during SPEI calculation. The latitude information affect PET calculation.

The bug did not affect to the dataset with UTM projections. 

DRYAD v1.2.1 (released in 14 Jun. 2022) <Important!>

- Bug fixed at the time accumulation function of SPI/SPEI which has been resulted in insufficient accumulation of time

DRYAD v1.1.1 (released in 25 Feb. 2022)

- The fitted probability distribution for calculating SPI/SPEI is saved and can be reused

- A tool for identifying time series probability distribution is added

DRYAD v1.1.0 (released in 6 Jan. 2022)

- The type of probability distribution can be selected in SPI/SPEI functions

- Probability distribution fitting methods are improved

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