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platform dryad


Deep-learning & Remote Sensing
AnalYsis for Agroforestry and Drought

Powerful and convenient way for remote sensing data analysis 

Welcome to the DRYAD platform.

DRYAD platform was developed to enhance convinency of drought monitoring for both remote sensing experts and non-experts, and to broaden applicability of deep-leaning on remote sensing data analysis. In order to achieve the goals, it provides diverse tools and datasets for monitoring drought in agroforestry field.

1) DRYAD software

DRYAD software provides powerful tools for analyzing earth observation data, such as satellite images and meteorological data, in raster(.tif) format. The software helps to calculate complicated drought indices in few minutes, and provides deep-leaning based semantic segmentation. 

2) Data cloud (preparing)

DRYAD data cloud provides analysis ready data(ARD) drought indices. Algorithms for processing the datasets are the same with those were used in DRYAD software.  


DRYAD Software

- Deep learning based segmentation (U-Net)

- Time Series NDVI Reconstruction

- Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)

- Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI)

- Vegetation Temperature Condition Index (VTCI)

- Raster Data Visualization


 Coming Soon 

Data Cloud

- Preparing

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